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Ponderment for the Week...

Romans 12:19 " Dearly Beloved, do not avenge yourselves but rather give place to wrath: for it is written, Vengence is MINE says the Lord; I will repay." 

The folks that did not like Daniel, devised a plan to destroy him. They had a law passed that would interfere with Daniel's prayer life. Daniel continued to pray and ended up before the king, guilty as charged. The penalty for breaking this law was to be cast into a den of lions. Daniel made no apologies and did not defend himself.

King Darius liked Daniel but could not change the law. While the enemies of Daniel watched him being lowered into the lion's den, they must have felt a similar sense of victory that satan felt as he watched Jesus die on the cross. One ended up in a pit, the other in a borrowed tomb, both had stones sealing the openings. But that wasn't the end of either story. 

The next day, the king had the stone removed to see if Daniel's God was stronger than the lions. He found out shortly that He was. The enemies of Daniel were still celebrating when a knock came at their door. It was NOT what they had expected. They were quickly arrested along with their wives and children, taken to the lion's den, and as Daniel watched, each one of those who intended evil for him, experienced the very same penalty he had be given. The only exception was, the lion's mouths were NOT shut.

People may intend evil towards you, saying and doing things to cause you great harm. Do not be afraid. God has your back and will take care of the situation. He is a Good Father AND a Righteous Judge. If need be, He can still shut the lion's mouths.

pastor philip


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